Geofences automatic updates based on your location

Simple In/Out for your phone can automatically update your status by carrying your device into your workplace. When you enter your office, the Geofence will check you in. When you leave your office, the Geofence will check you out. We do all this by using low-power methods your phone is already doing and all without sacrificing privacy.

How Geofences Work

Our automatic updating monitors an area designated on a map by a company administrator. The user of our phone app chooses whether to enable Geofences and which ones to activate. When a user crosses a Geofence's boundary with their phone, the Simple In/Out app sends an in/out update on the user's behalf. Our apps use location information to process these status updates, but this location information is used only to check whether you crossed the boundary. No location information is saved or transmitted. Period. Read our entire privacy statement.

A Real World Example

Let’s say you created a Geofence around your office building. When you arrive at the office in the morning, the Geofence will send an update to Simple In/Out when you cross the boundary and your status will show you are “In the Office”. When you leave for your lunch break, your status will change to “Left Office” so that others know you left the office and when. No one will know where you went for lunch.

Geofences vs Beacons

Beacons work great for smaller areas, but sometimes you need larger areas that Beacons just can't support without a lot of hardware. Using Geofences, you can cover these targets without having to setup countless Beacons.

Use Geofences when:

  • You wish to cover a large area
  • You need status updates in areas where you don't have physical access
  • You're first starting out because there is no additional cost

Use Beacons when:

  • You wish to cover a smaller area (10-20 meters)
  • You've tried Geofences and they aren't accurate enough
  • You need to move your area around frequently
  • You're in an area with poor cellphone towers or no WiFi for triangulation

Tutorial Video ~ 7 minutes

Troubleshooting ~ 5 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

My Geofences aren’t working. Any tips?

Increase the size of the Geofence. We generally start with a size of 100 meters, but the bigger the better. Really small Geofences won’t give the device enough room to determine if you are coming or going. Enable WiFi on your phone if you can. Using WiFi dramatically increases the success of using Geofences; phones use WiFi, cell towers, etc. to determine when your location changes. We have many more suggestions by clicking the Read more link below.

If I exit an area, will it overwrite my manual status update?

When you cross a boundary for Geofences or leave the range of a Beacon or WiFi Network, it will overwrite your last status only if the status is not the same. For example, if you have a custom comment on an Out status (e.g. lunch, back at one o’clock) and you leave an area, instead of the automatic update overwriting your status, it will instead present you with a message saying it didn't overwrite your status because you were already out. You can still submit this status change if you wish.

Can I limit when these automatic updates happen?

Yes, you can use a feature we call Active Time. This allows you to choose time periods and days that automatic updates can happen so you don't have to worry about checking into the office on a Saturday if you're using your office laptop.

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