Available on Your Favorite Device

Simple In/Out is available for iOS and Android. We also have workarounds for BlackBerry users. For anyone else, our website is optimized for web mobile browsers. Simple In/Out supports the most platforms of anyone in our industry.

Communicate Quickly and Easily

Add a custom message to your status update to share where you're going, what you're up to, when you’ll be back, or anything else that might be essential information. Quick Picks allow you to change your status to those you use most frequently with a simple tap so you don’t have to type comments every time.

Get in Touch with Colleagues

View your in/out board right in the palm of your hand from anywhere with internet access. We display current statuses as well as profile information for a convenient company directory.

Automatically Update Your Status

The Simple In/Out app can keep your status updated automatically by carrying around the device as you go about your day. No need to take your phone out of your pocket or give up your privacy.


Your phone can use Geofences to automatically update your status when you arrive at or leave a location based on low-power locating that your device is already doing. We support Geofences on iOS and Android.


Beacons work great for smaller areas and rely on your phone seeing a Bluetooth signal from Beacon hardware. While hardware is required, these are incredibly accurate for areas where Geofences won't work. We support Beacons on iOS and Android.


Networks can automatically check you in/out based on whether your phone is connected to your company's WiFi Network. This method utilizes the wireless Network you may already have and is quite accurate. We support Networks on Android only (no iOS support yet due to Apple not providing the necessary APIs).

Get Updates as They Happen

Let us deliver the latest information right to your phone. Using Notifications, we tell you about status updates as they occur for the users that you follow, saving you from having to consult the in/out board.

We Work When You Work

Simple In/Out is great at notifying you of important events, but it can be annoying if users are working when you're not. Notifications can be sent only during times you schedule. If you work and play in the same geographic area, you can also use Active Time to only perform automatic status updates during your usual work hours. Work can wait!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Automatic Updating?

Setting up a Geofence, Beacon, or Network is a two-step process.

First, create a Geofence, Beacon, or Network for the company to use. This can be done by any admin user on the website or from your phone.

Second, enable the Geofence, Beacon, or Network within the Simple In/Out app. Each user will need to do this on their respective device by navigating to Settings. Just tap the on/off toggle button next to each Geofence, Beacon, or Network you want to turn on. It's that easy.

Does Simple In/Out work for BlackBerry or Kindle Fire Phones?

Yes, you can download Simple In/Out from the Amazon Appstore. While Geofences are not currently supported, you can use Beacons and Networks to automatically check in and out.

Can I edit past status updates or add one if I forgot to check in or out?

Absolutely. We allow admins to use our website to remove or add new status updates. This functionality allows Simple In/Out to be accurate enough to replace a time card system. We even have TimeClock to replace your old punch clock.

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