Networks automatic updates via connections to your WiFi

When your phone connects to your office WiFi, we can automatically change your status. For many offices, this is a great interim step between larger Geofences and smaller Beacon areas. This feature is supported on Android only.

Use Your Existing Equipment

In most office spaces, wireless internet access is a fact of life. By using our Simple In/Out app on Android, users can automatically update their status on the in/out board by walking into range of the WiFi signal and connecting.

Highly Accurate

Because your automatic status updates will occur when you connect and disconnect from a WiFi Network, these updates are consistently accurate. One glance at your phone's WiFi indicator will tell you whether your phone is connected to the WiFi Network and allows you to troubleshoot with ease.

Android Only

Automatic Updates via Networks work for Android only. We don't support these for iPhones because the APIs we need are not available on the iOS platform. We beg Apple all the time to add this functionality.

Networks vs Beacons

Beacons work great for smaller areas or areas that require greater accuracy, but sometimes you need a larger area with the same accuracy or your area is large enough that the number of Beacons you'd need is cost-prohibitive. Using Networks, you can cover these areas without having to purchase new equipment.

Use Beacons when:

  • You wish to cover a smaller area (10-20 meters)
  • You need to support iPhones
  • You're in an area with poor cellphone towers or no WiFi for triangulation

Use Networks when:

  • You wish to cover a slightly larger area, but still too small for Geofences
  • You don't have any iPhone users
  • You're in an area with poor cellphone towers or no WiFi for triangulation

Tutorial Video ~ 5 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you going to add support for Networks on the iPhone?

We aren't sure when this will happen, as Apple hasn't provided us the necessary API access to build Network support. We hope they do in future versions of iOS. We want to bring this great feature to all our customers and will do so as soon as we're given the tools.

Can I limit when these automatic updates happen?

Yes, you can use a feature we call Active Time. This allows you to choose time periods and days that automatic updates can happen so you don't have to worry about checking into the office on a Saturday if you're using your office laptop.

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