Scheduled Statuses automatically set your status at a future time

Allow your users to add statuses to be applied in the future. When the time comes, we change the user's status automatically.

Statuses for Later

You can choose both the date and time of a future status and schedule it. Simple In/Out will automatically update your status and comment at the scheduled time. This is great for vacation, paid time off (PTO), meetings, and more.

See the Future

Each user has their scheduled statuses visible from their profile information in our apps and on our website. We also provide a report that shows all the scheduled statuses that are upcoming.

Your Trusted Users Only

Administrators can decide who can schedule statuses, whether it be everybody, nobody, and other levels in between. We also display all scheduled status updates after they are applied as coming from Scheduler so you know how all status updates are created.

Sync your Calendar Pro

With a little configuration, Simple In/Out can schedule your status updates automatically based on your upcoming calendar events. Not only will this automatically update your status when the time comes, but these scheduled statuses will appear within Simple In/Out on the board and reports, visible for those that have permission to see what's upcoming.

Simple In/Out will handle translating an event to a schedule status. We'll examine the event's summary and set your status and comment accordingly. The status update will be scheduled to the nearest 15 minutes of the event. You can even choose what time of day all-day calendar events will update your status to maximize the chances your co-workers will see your status updates.

Support for Outlook, Google Calendar, and more

We support any calendar vendor that provides an industry-standard iCalendar feed. This includes Microsoft 365, Outlook, Google Calendar, and more. You can read our help page for more details on how to find the URL we need for syncing with many popular calendar providers.

Tutorial Video ~ 5 minutes

Calendars ~ 7 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want any users to schedule statuses?

The Simple In/Out role manager gives you complete control over who has permission to schedule statuses for themselves, for others, and who can view the scheduled statuses of others. You can also update your company settings to disable scheduled statuses entirely.

How far in advance can I schedule a status update?

We allow you to schedule statuses as far into the future as you like.

How accurate can I schedule statuses? To the minute? To the second?

You can schedule statuses within 15 minutes.

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