Active Time automated features operate only when you do

Simple In/Out has many features that operate in the background to make your life easier. We can automatically update your status or send you notifications when certain events occur. Active Time will allow you to limit when these features are active so they only happen while you're typically working.

We Work When You Work

Create scheduled timeframes for the automated features of Simple In/Out. You can choose which days of the week as well as the start and stop hour for the day. We even support overnight shifts.

Automatic Updates on Your Schedule

If you work and play in the same geographic area, you can use Active Time to only perform automatic status updates during your usual work hours. If you use one of our desktop apps for Windows or Mac, you can limit automatic updates based on computer activity as well. No more accidental status updates on the weekend!

Avoid Notifications At Home

Simple In/Out is great at notifying you when your people have updated their statuses, but it can be overwhelming if you follow a lot of users and they are working over the weekend. Now notifications can be sent only during your scheduled times. Work can wait!

Tutorial Video ~ 5 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose which features work with Active Time?

Yes, you can choose which of the automated features comply with Active Time and which are always active. If you flip a feature switch to off in Active Time, it will operate all the time.

Does Active Time apply to all my devices?

Active Time only applies to the device you're using. This allows you to have different Active Time settings for your phone than you do for your computer.

How close to my usual hours should I set my Active Time schedule?

We recommend adding at least an hour to the beginning and end times for your Active Time. If you set your Active Time to 8am and you show up one minute before that, your automatic update wouldn't be sent (because it's outside that time). If you start your Active Time at 7am instead, you'll be checked in if you show up early.

What happens if I turn Active Time off?

If you disable Active Time entirely, then all the features will work 100% of the time. If you re-enable Active Time, we'll pick right back up from where your schedule was last set.

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