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Where is Everyone?

Display your company’s status board on your PC or Mac without keeping a web browser open. One quick glance will tell you who is in and who is out. You can make your window small for all-day visibility or full screen for everyone to see in a public area. Each user’s profile displays their email address and phone number, so you always have contact information handy.

Update Your Status

Update your status quickly from our easy to use desktop interface. The same Quick Picks available on your phone and the website are available here for one-click updates. If you need to leave a more detailed comment, type away and click Update.

Available on Your Favorite Computer

Our apps are available in both the Windows Store and the Mac App Store and can be updated automatically as we add new features.

Automatic Updates Based on Activity

Simple In/Out for Windows or Mac can automatically update your status based on the activity of your computer. For our Windows users, your computer can check you out when you've walked away for a period of time and check you in when your computer is in use again. Mac users have even more control by using your screensaver or screen lock setting in macOS to signal you're in or out. No more forgetting to update your status, let your computer do the work for you.

Get Updates as They Happen

Using Notifications, Simple In/Out can alert you directly in the Windows Action Center or the Mac Notification Center. Keep informed when users you're watching update their status all without having the launch our app.

We Work When You Work

Using your computer outside normal business hours? Simple In/Out for Windows and Mac supports Office Hours, so you can decide when automatic updates are made and when notifications are received.

Tutorial Video ~ 6 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Simple In/Out for Windows/Mac cost?

Simple In/Out for Windows/Mac is a free app for all companies with a Simple In/Out account. You can try Simple In/Out free for 45 days, so grab a couple co-workers and take it for a spin!

Is there a Simple In/Out app for Windows 7?

We do not have a Windows 7 app available to download, we only support Windows 8.1 and higher. However, Simple In/Out is great for Web. You can use your favorite web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) to access your Simple In/Out account at any time.

What versions of macOS do you support?

We currently support macOS El Capitan (10.11) or greater.