Board stay informed about your organization

At the heart of Simple In/Out is your in/out board of users, available within our apps and on our website. See your users and their current statuses along with any comments they've left for context. With our many presentation options, groups for organizing your users, and search capability, your in/out board software has never been so powerful and easy to use.

See Your Organization

View your colleagues all in one place. Our board displays names, statuses, comments, and more. Use search to quickly find users. Sort your board by multiple columns to see everyone in the order you prefer. Clicking on a user provides their contact details so you'll never need a company directory ever again.

Display Options

Choose the data your in/out board displays like phone numbers, groups, details, etc. Sort by one or multiple columns. You can adjust the text size as well. When in Full Screen Mode, you can also control the colors of both the background and text.


Organize your users into groups to allow users to restrict the board to the people they care about. You can also use groups to restrict reports to a given department/team.

Update Your Status

Keep your co-workers informed of your status right from the board. Simply click one button to update your status and leave an optional comment for more context.


Simple In/Out will create a list of Quick Picks for you based on your activity. These Quick Picks are accessible from everywhere and make updating your status with a comment easy. You can also favorite Quick Picks so they are always available regardless of any recent updates.

Company Favorites

Administrators can create a list of Quick Picks that are accessible by everyone in the organization. This allows for one-click updates that are available everywhere Simple In/Out allows you to update your status.

On the Big Screen

Full Screen Mode is designed to be displayed on a TV or spare computer monitor, but it also works great in a separate browser window for use all day long. You can control the colors, font size, and more.

On the Small Screen

Simple In/Out's web board is responsively designed, meaning it looks great on small devices too. If you have a phone running an OS we don't support or just prefer to have a small web browser window with your board visible at all times, Simple In/Out has you covered.

Public Links

Public Links display your in/out board to anyone without having to log in as long as they have the URL. This is the easiest way to integrate your staff's availability right into your own website or intranet. You can also share these links with users that need to see who's available without also needing their own logins to your company account.

Tutorial Video ~ 11 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the board update?

The board updates automatically every 3 minutes. When in Full Screen Mode, the board will update every 60 seconds.

Can a company logo be added to the board?

You can upload a logo that will appear when in Full Screen Mode (it will also appear on Simple In/Out TV). We don't display this logo on the regular board at this time.

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