Reports view your data, your way

Simple In/Out has a number of reports to make visualizing your data a breeze. All of our reports have options to help you tailor them to your needs. Whether you are using Simple In/Out for payroll, record keeping, mandated compliance checks, or something far less formal, we have you covered.

Timeline Reports

Hands down the best way to visualize your in/out data is with our Timeline reports. Using Timelines you can see the in/out activity over the course of a day. This shows exactly how Simple In/Out calculates how long your users were in or out. You can run a Timeline report for many users over a particular day or for a particular user over many days.

Activity Reports

Sometimes you need a list of the status updates in chronological order to see how events unfolded over time. For those that have had a sign-in sheet or a roster report in the past, Activity reports provide that information with a simple click.

Fixing Errors in the Past

Using Timeline reports makes it easy to identify and fix mistakes due to missing status updates or updates made in error. By clicking on a Timeline, Simple In/Out will present you with our past statuses dialog which shows all the activity for a given day. Here you can remove status updates made in error or add missing updates.

Printing and Exporting

The Print/PDF report generates an attractive document you can share with others. With a plethora of options, you can tailor the report specifically for your needs. Summary pages display calendars and total time across weeks, while detail pages display the raw status updates.

The Export report allows users to download either total time or raw status updates in a CSV. This data is great for running calculations offline or for archival purposes. The CSV format works great in your favorite spreadsheet application like MS Excel or Google Sheets.

Schedule Reports for Your Inbox

If you need to run a Print/PDF or Export report on a regular basis, you can schedule it to be emailed to you. You can choose the frequency of the report (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly) as well as the other options available.


Summary & Details

Details by Date

Export Totals

Export Details

Time Card

If you're using Simple In/Out for timekeeping or payroll, the Time Card report is the best way to count your hours. You can run this report for up to a month at a time and display both the raw numbers as well as handy bar charts to visualize when your users were in.

Scheduled Statuses

For organizations using our Scheduled Statuses feature, this report displays all the upcoming statuses in a calendar-like presentation. You can see all the users across your organization or restrict it to only a certain group.


View items of importance that have been changed within your organization. With this report, you can audit those important events and see which administrator created or deleted an item (like Geofences, Beacons, Networks, etc) and when they did so.

Time Card


Daily Timeline

Weekly Timeline

Scheduled Statuses





Scheduled Email Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Simple In/Out keep my data?

Simple In/Out keeps your data forever, so no need to try to download your data for future use. You can run any of our reports for as far back in time as you care to go.

Can I restrict reports to only certain events?

Most of our reports have a Show Advanced checkbox with extra options. One of the extra options in many of our reports is a filter by comment, so you can run reports exclusively for only certain status comments like "Working on Project X" to get a report of time spent doing specific tasks.

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