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Take your in/out data with you wherever you want to be. Create status updates from the API for all kinds of clever use cases. You can build everything from apps to websites to hardware integrations. You're only limited by your imagination.

Safe and Secure

We use OAuth2 and JSON, the same authentication technology and payload types used by the most popular APIs on the internet (Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc). There are countless tools for most major programming platforms that will make authenticating with our API a breeze.

Documentation at the Ready

Our APIs are documented with requests and responses. In our documentation we note our general principles, all our endpoints, and lay out examples of requests and responses. No mysteries, just fun.

  "username": "Bojack Horseman",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "icon_url": "",
  "text": "*In*: In Hollywoo",
  "type": "",
  "data": {
    "user_id": "34858",
    "status": "in",
    "comment": "In Hollywoo",
    "created_at": 1448046759,
    "admin": {
      "id": "2844", "name": "Princess Carolyn"
    "application": {
      "id": "84774", "name": "Simple In/Out iOS"

Web Hooks

Web Hooks send a request to a URL of your choosing to let you know about status changes within your company. We send information about what just happened in the body of the request in the JSON format, perfect for doing all sorts of things without authentication. Web Hooks are even fully compatible with Slack!

Included on this page is an example of a Web Hook response for a status update on behalf of a user named "Bojack Horseman".

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Contact us and we'll give you credentials to access our API. We need to know the name of your app/project (presented to the user when they give you access to their Simple In/Out data) and a SSL-protected return URI (where to go after the user has completed signing in and granting you access). With this information, we'll provide you credentials and you're off to the races.

Can I create statuses automatically via my own code?

Yes you can! The API can be used to create status updates so you can build all kinds of interesting integrations with your own software or others.

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