Linked Companies strictly separate your organization

Using Linked Companies, you can have multiple companies underneath the control of a single master company. Admin users within the master company can switch into the companies under their control to manage everything while users in those companies cannot see any users from the other companies.

Strict Separation

With Linked Companies, users in one company cannot see the users in another company. This is perfect for large organizations that want to hide one division from another. Linked Companies are also perfect for franchises or business owners with multiple locations that need many separate Simple In/Out boards that can't see each other.

Each Company has Unique Settings

Because Linked Companies are entirely separate, they have their own plans, settings, users, etc. You can change the settings per-company to account for the different ways your users may interact with Simple In/Out and choose plans that fit each company.

You're Still In Control

All the administrators from the master company can use the Simple In/Out website to change into the subcompanies and manage users and settings, update statuses, run reports, etc. Control rests with you.

Tutorial Video ~ 8 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Linked Companies billed?

We bill the master company for the subscription plan they have as well as the subscription plans of all the Linked Companies. This way, there is only one bill for all the companies that are linked together. This allows for any of our plans to be applied to any of the companies, so you can have some companies on the Pro 100 and others on the Basic if they don't have a lot of users.

Can some Linked Companies have automatic updates and some be forced to clock in with TimeClock?

You bet! Every Linked Company has its own settings, so you can be as strict or relaxed as you wish. You can hide the history and require users to interface with TimeClock in some companies and allow for automatic updates in another.

Can I use Linked Companies just to hide some of my users?

You sure can. If you have a select group of users you'd like to keep private from the rest of your users, you can place them either in their own Linked Company or in the master company. All admin users in the master company can look in on all the users in the Linked Companies.

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