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How Beacons Work

By purchasing our pre-configured Beacons, you can maximize the accuracy Simple In/Out's location-based status updates. Beacons rely on whether your phone can see the Bluetooth signal emitted by the Beacon. This eliminates the need to rely on Apple/Google's understanding of your geographical area, cell towers, or local WIFI networks.

Geofence vs beacon

Geofence vs Beacons

Geofences work great for large areas, but sometimes you need smaller areas that Geofences just aren't accurate enough to support. Using Beacons, you can cover these targets without having to also blanket lots of other undesired space.


Expand your Beacons

Beacons act independently, but they can be configured to work together to expand each other's reach. Using this technique, there's no area too big for the proper number of Beacons to cover.


No Power, No Problem

Beacons can be powered by any USB port or USB power supply. If power isn't an option, the portable RadBeacon Tag runs off of a watch battery for the ultimate untethered experience.

Configured For You

When you order a Beacon from us, we'll ask for a name and add it to your Simple In/Out account before shipping it to your door. Just take it out of the package, power it up, toggle it on within your Simple In/Out app, and you're all set to automatically update your status.



If you already have some hardware, you can Bring Your Own Beacon. As long as you can configure your hareware's universal unique identifier (UUID), we can walk you through adding your Beacon to Simple In/Out. Just contact us and we'll provide you the necessary information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms support Beacons?

We currently support Beacons on iOS and Android.

Are Beacons and iBeacons the same thing?

Our implementation of Beacons support iBeacons on iOS. We also support AltBeacons on Android, making us one of the few to bring this technology to use there.

Do Beacons only work with Simple In/Out?

Beacons are just hardware, so while we've preconfigured them to work with Simple In/Out, they can ultimately do anything you'd like them to do.

Can I use Beacons and Geofence together?

Absolutely! Beacons and Geofence go together like peanut butter and jelly. Simply use whichever works best for your location and situation.

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