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The best digital in/out board, available on these platforms

If your users forget to update the in/out board, you can’t rely on its accuracy. With Simple In/Out, our mission is to have the most accurate in/out board ever created.

Being the most accurate requires removing friction. That means zero-click updates by utilizing smartphones your users are already carrying to keep your board up to date. For those without a smartphone, we automatically compile a list of recently used statuses to provide one-click updates.

Removing friction also means being wherever your users are. No electronic in/out board software supports more platforms, more options for updating your status, or is as easy to use as Simple In/Out. Whether you're on the road with your phone, at your desk with your computer or anywhere in between: Simple In/Out is there.

Always Up to Date

With GeoFences & iBeacons, you're checked in/out just by carrying your phone.

Available Anywhere

On your phone, your tablet and your computer, your information is always there.

Push Notifications

When users make updates, we'll notify you right on your iPhone or Mac desktop

Great for Reception

Your staff's availability on display and interactive via FrontDesk.

One Click Updates

Your recent updates are always available for quick and painless updates.

See What Has Happened

Our reports show you time as well as day-by-day breakdowns of all your activity.

Organize Your People

Place your users into groups/departments to simplify your board, your reports and your life.

On the Big Screen

FullScreen mode and Panic Statusboard for television and large displays.

Automate Away Inaccuracy

Reset your users every night to start the day fresh.

Share With Anyone

We provide publically-accessible links you can send anywhere you want to keep people updated.


"Painlessly keep track of schedules with Simple In/Out."


"That solves the age-old problem of getting people to remember to use the in/out board. With this option, they don't have to."


"... Simple In/Out was created to replicate the old-fashioned "in/out" boards found in many offices."


"Simple In/Out simplifies the process of keeping up with employee movements using GeoFences and iBeacon technology"

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