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Keeping track of your staff has never been so easy

If your users forget to update the in/out board, you can’t rely on its accuracy. Our mission is to have the most accurate in/out board ever created.

Being the most accurate requires removing friction. That means zero-click updates by utilizing phones your users are already carrying to keep your board up to date. This also means using apps on your computer to automatically sign you in/out based on activity. We also automatically compile a list of recently used statuses to provide one-click updates.

Removing friction also means being wherever your users are. No electronic in/out board software supports more platforms, more options for updating your status, or is as easy to use as Simple In/Out. Whether you're on the road with your phone, at your desk with your computer or anywhere in between: Simple In/Out is there.

Replace your punch clock, time cards, and calculator with a modern approach that saves you time and includes all the benefits of Simple In/Out.

Utilizing our app TimeClock and a device in a common place, your users can check in and out with a simple scan of their employee badge. We provide a PDF with all of your user badges that you can print out and distribute.

Once all of these punches have been made over time, our online reports make tabulating hours a breeze. And, because it's still Simple In/Out, you can use our whole ecosystem of apps. Be notified, right on your phone, when employees clock in/out. Check on the status of your people from anywhere. Allow some of your employees to check in from anywhere using our other methods. The possibilities are endless.

No matter how you use Simple In/Out, have an unprecedented level of visibility into your organization. View all employee statuses on your phone, computer, television, and more.

It starts with being able to see your co-workers right on your Simple In/Out board. We include emails and phone numbers for a great portable company directory. Using Push Notifications, Simple In/Out can notify you of activity from your users as it happens.

Enable Future Statuses to allow users to schedule status changes. This allows users to specify where they will be in the future and have Simple In/Out automatically reflect that when the time comes. This is great for events, meetings, and vacation/paid time off.

Show your statuses to everyone using a variety of methods. Display your in/out board via our tablet app FrontDesk. Utilize our Public Links to share a web page with all the latest information to everyone anywhere. Put your statuses up on a television for the world to see via Simple In/Out TV.

For large organizations, we offer enterprise-level features to make your life easier.

With Linked Companies, you can setup many companies underneath your master company. This works great for franchises with the need for in/out boards without the desire for employess in one location to see employees in a different location. Administrators within the master company can still switch to linked companies to run reports, view their board, change user statuses, manage settings, etc. This also works great to hide executives or departments from other departments.

All of this is accomplished with a single monthly bill, making Simple In/Out the easiest way to solve employee visibility across the entire organization. You can add and remove Linked Companies any time for maximum flexibility.

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Always Up to Date

With Geofences, Beacons, and WIFI Networks, you're checked in/out just by carrying your phone.

Available Anywhere

On your phone, your tablet and your computer, your information is always there.

Desktop Updates

Check in/out automatically based on the activity on your computer.

Push Notifications

When users make updates, we'll notify you right on your phone, PC, or Mac.

Great for Reception

Your staff's availability on display and interactive via FrontDesk.

One Click Updates

Your recent updates are always available for quick and painless updates.

See What Has Happened

Our reports show you time as well as day-by-day breakdowns of all your activity.

Punch In and Out

Replace paper punch clocks with our barcode badges and TimeClock.

Scheduled Statuses

Allow future statuses to see what's upcoming. We'll update automatically when the time comes.

Edit Status History

Change past statuses to fix mistakes for accurate reports and time keeping.

Office Hours

Automatically update your status and receive notifications only when you're working.

Organize Your People

Place your users into groups/departments to simplify your board, your reports and your life.

On the Big Screen

Apple TV, Android TV, and FullScreen mode for large displays.

Automate Away Inaccuracy

Reset your users every night to start the day fresh.

Share with Anyone

We provide publically-accessible links you can send anywhere you want to keep people updated.

Data Everywhere

Use our API and Web Hooks to do amazing things with your data.

Linked Companies

Connect multiple companies together under one master company while maintaining strict separation.

Share with Slack

Send all your status changes right to your favorite Slack channel.

Our customers love Simple In/Out

"Before we found Simple In/Out, we were using a clipboard and spreadsheet at the front desk. It wasn’t working well because there was a lack of online presence and we were unable to change statuses on the fly.

The FrontDesk app for iPad allowed a nice transition from our previous method. Geofences take a step out of the day and being able to update my status from my phone is a big plus.

If you're looking for a digital solution to signing in and out and getting presence information on demand, Simple In/Out is a great tool."

~ Adrian Smith, Director of IT

"Previously, we had been using a tag board and sheets. People were forgetting to update it, the sheets weren't always in one location, and sometimes the sheets did not get faxed right away.

As a mine site, it is important to know who is on the property at all times. With Simple In/Out, it is much easier and faster to have a head count of who is on the property.

It is a superb program to assist with knowing where your people are and is very easy to use on any platform / device."

~ Al Paetz, CPA, CMA

"We had no system before; we just mentally kept track of everyone’s whereabouts.

Simple In/Out helps with accountability and it’s great for the receptionist to quickly know who is in, where they are, and when they plan to return. It also makes it easier to schedule meetings because we know when people will be in the office."

~ Bill Davis, Associate Pastor

"We used to have a dry erase in/out board. Simple In/Out has absolutely made my job easier. I like the no-touch Geofence status updates and quickly knowing who’s in or out. From what I've seen it's the best product like it out there!"

~ Terry Igel, Logistics Coordinator / Operations Administrator

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