Keeping track of your staff has never been so easy
No electronic in/out board software supports more platforms, provides more options for updating your status, or makes your life easier than Simple In/Out.

An In/Out Board That's Always Up-To-Date

Our mission is to have the most accurate in/out board ever created. To accomplish this, Simple In/Out can automatically update your status by carrying your phone in and out of the office. We also support updates based on your computer activity.

Staff Visibility

No matter how you use Simple In/Out, you'll have an unprecedented level of visibility into your organization. View all employee statuses on your phone, computer, television, and more. We include email addresses and phone numbers for a great portable company directory. Using Notifications, Simple In/Out can keep you informed of your workforce's activity as it happens.

Employee Time Keeping

Replace your punch clock, time cards, and calculator with a modern approach that saves you time and includes all the benefits of Simple In/Out. Utilizing our app TimeClock and a device in a common area, your users can check in and out with a simple scan of their employee badge.

Your In/Out Board Everywhere with our family of apps

Automatic Status Updates by carrying your phone or using your computer

Simply Carry Your Phone

Simple In/Out for your phone can be configured to keep your status up-to-date automatically by carrying the device in and out of your office. We have a range of solutions depending on your phone platform and your physical environment. Geofences use low-power location technology in a way that respects the user's privacy and works on all our phone platforms. Beacons rely on your phone detecting a Bluetooth signal from a physical Beacon device. Networks use your existing WiFi Network to check you in/out based on your phone connecting for internet access (only supported on Android).

Simply Use Your Computer

Our Desktop apps can be configured to automatically update your status based on your computer's activity. If you step away for a period of time, Simple In/Out can check you out, and when you return we'll check you back in. Learn More

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Our customers love Simple In/Out

I like the no-touch Geofence status updates and quickly knowing who's in or out. From what I've seen it's the best product like it out there!
Terry Igel, Operations Admin
If you're looking for a digital solution to signing in and out and getting presence information on demand, Simple In/Out is a great tool.
Adrian Smith, Director of IT

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