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We support the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer


Where is everyone?

Access your company’s status board from any modern web browser, from mobile phones to huge desktop displays. Just one quick glance will tell you who is in and who is out, complete with contact information.


Communicate quickly & easily

Add a custom message to your status to share where you are, when you’ll be back, or anything else that might be essential for others to know. Quick Picks automatically save statuses you use frequently so you don’t have to type them in every time.


Making organization easier

Group your employees (by department, team, etc) to dramatically reduce the size of your in/out board as well as simplify reports and exports. The auto-completing group manager on the web makes this a breeze.


Keep tabs on what's happening

See how long your users were around with Time Card, which features individual day numbers and bar charts for quick visuals. For more specifics, the Daily Timeline shows your users' actions on a given day via a line graph. CSV exports allow you to take data to your favorite application.


Edit Past Statuses

Admin users can edit the past, either adding missed status updates or removing ones made in error. This makes for accurate reports and even time keeping. Take this a step further and replace those silly time card punchers with TimeClock!

Schedule Future Statuses

Allow your users to add statuses to be applied in the future. You can control which types of users can add future statuses and see them both on individual users as well as on a calendar in our Scheduled Statuses report. When the time comes, we change the user's status automatically. Great for vacation, paid time off (PTO), and more.


On the big screen

Fullscreen Mode is designed to be displayed on a TV or spare computer monitor. For even more control, we recommend Simple In/Out TV for Apple TV, Android TV, and Kindle Fire TV.

Public Links

Public Links, controlled by you, can show your in/out board to anyone without having to log in. This is the easiest way to integrate your staff's availability right into your own website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get notifications on my desktop from the website?

Right now, if you're using Safari on macOS (Mavericks or higher), you can receive Push Notifications right on your desktop. Just go to your Settings -> Safari Notifications using the Safari web browser on your Mac.

Sometimes people forget to check out at the end of the day. Is there a way to automatically reset everyone?

Sure is. With Everybody Out, you can choose to automatically check all your users out every day. You just choose the hour range (typically in the evening), and we'll reset your users and give you a clean slate every day.

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