Where is Everyone?

Microsoft Teams, the group messaging and collaboration tool, integrates via our app which is installed from Microsoft's AppSource.

You can view your Simple In/Out board and make status updates within Microsoft Teams via our tab. You never have to leave Microsoft Teams to see your user board or keep your co-workers updated on your current status.

Update Your Status

Keep your teammates informed of your status right from inside Microsoft Teams. Simply click one button to update your status and leave an optional comment for more context. We provide the same Simple In/Out Quick Picks available in our apps right within Teams for quick and accurate status updates.

Connect your Status Updates to your Teams Chat

Using our Microsoft Teams connector, all your status updates can be sent to the group messaging channel of your choosing. This makes it easy for users living in Teams to stay on top of status updates from the Simple In/Out ecosystem.

Channels and Groups

If you have Teams channels separated by department/responsibilities, you'll be right at home in Simple In/Out.

Send the status updates from users within a single group to the Teams channel they live in every day, all without disturbing other users. With Simple In/Out's Microsoft Teams integration, your chat messages and presence history are combined into one chat log.

Send your Teams Status to Simple In/Out

When your status within Microsoft Teams changes, we can update your Simple In/Out status to match. Our integration allows your Microsoft Teams presence information to be available within Simple In/Out, and allows you to take advantage of all the Simple In/Out features we offer like Notifications.

Add Reports to Microsoft Teams

When changes in Microsoft Teams are sent to Simple In/Out, all our reporting features are at your fingertips. We offer reports to count hours, display activity over time, and export data to other offerings. Bring some accountability to Microsoft Teams with Simple In/Out.

Single Sign On Enterprise

Using Single Sign On (SSO) through Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure ActiveDirectory), your users will have one less password to remember. Users can sign into the Simple In/Out Teams integration, as well as all our Simple In/Out applications and website, using the same credentials they use for Teams and Outlook.

Our SSO solution also automatically provisions both your users and your groups. Upon changing a user or group within your SSO solution, Simple In/Out will match those changes within 40 minutes (depending on your SSO provider).

Read more about Single Sign On.

Tutorial Video ~ 8 minutes

Teams Presence ~ 4 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Microsoft Teams integration cost?

Microsoft Teams integration is a free app for all companies with a Simple In/Out account. You can try Simple In/Out free for 45 days, so grab a couple co-workers and take it for a spin!

How do I connect Microsoft Teams and Simple In/Out?

We have a great write up on the steps here.

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