Simple In/Out for Your Television

Simple In/Out TV runs on the Amazon Fire TV platform as well as other Android TV devices. Simply use a compatible device on any HDMI TV, or use a television that has Android TV built in. Our apps are available in the app store on the devices.

Where is Everyone?

Display your company’s status board in a common area or reception. One quick glance will tell you who is in and who is out. The display automatically refreshes to provide up-to-date information and will cycle through your users if you have too many to fit on one screen.

Go Vertical

Maximize your space and readability. Simple In/Out TV supports rotation for a vertical presentation. Combined with our table view, you can fit lots of user information on the screen in a readable format. This is the solution airport terminal arrival/departure boards use effectively every day.

For Groups Large and Small

Choose to see everyone or only certain groups. We provide different display orientations, sizes, filters, and scrolling speed settings. You can also upload your company logo for a totally customized look.

Tutorial Video ~ 5 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Simple In/Out TV cost?

Simple In/Out TV is a free app for all companies with a Simple In/Out account. You can try Simple In/Out free for 45 days, so grab a couple co-workers and take it for a spin!

Which device do you recommend to use Simple In/Out TV?

We recommend Amazon's Fire TV Stick. It's powerful enough to run Simple In/Out TV, small, and incredibly affordable.

Can my users update their status from Simple In/Out TV?

Simple In/Out TV is for display purposes only. You can't changes statuses from the television, for that you'll want to use automatic updates, Quick Picks, or manually do it from any of our other supported platforms.

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