Where is Everyone?

Display your company’s status board on a tablet in a common area or reception. One quick glance will tell you who is in and who is out. The auto lock screen setting prevents your tablet from going to sleep so your status board is always available. The status board auto refreshes to always display the latest information.

No Smart Phone? No Problem!

Simple In/Out is available for the most popular phone platforms. Employees who don’t own a compatible device can use FrontDesk to update their status. The touch screen makes it easy: a quick swipe on their name and it’s done. We support iOS and Android tablets.

Custom Statuses Welcome

Establish Company Favorites that can be used by anyone with two quick taps. Or, add a custom message to share essential information using an on-screen keyboard.

Automatic Updates via Beacons

When running on a tablet with Bluetooth 4.0 support (most iPads and some Android tablets), FrontDesk can act as a Beacon in addition to performing its main functions. This works just like a hardware Beacon. When a user equipped with the Simple In/Out app on their iOS or Android device comes within Bluetooth range of the tablet, they can be instantly checked in without having to touch the device. When they leave range, they will be checked out automatically.

The low-energy needs and precision of Bluetooth make Beacons a great solution for places where regular Geofences don’t work well (e.g. locations with poor cell reception, multiple locations in close proximity to each other). Beacons also work great for places where the location physically changes (like conference centers, automobiles, etc).

Learn More

Tutorial Video ~ 3 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does FrontDesk cost?

FrontDesk is a free app for all companies with a Simple In/Out account. You can try Simple In/Out free for 45 days, so grab a couple co-workers and take it for a spin!

The Beacon isn’t working. Any tips?

When you create a Beacon, there is a toggle for entry and exit events. Double-check that both of those are enabled. Also make sure you have enabled the Beacon on your phone, it's located under Settings -> Automatic Status Updates.

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