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Simple In/Out: the Genesis

Like all good software, Simple In/Out began with a problem that didn't have a good solution. For too long, Brandon Medenwald had a job that used an inferior in out board software. In fact, it was so bad that Brandon often boasted he could build better employee in out board software in a single weekend than the rubbish his day job used. The problem was that the in out board was always out of date. People would forget to update it, making it largely inaccurate. No one was inclined to force people to update it, so the whole board was largely ignored.

Years later, a small group of friends met up every Wednesday night for beers and lively discussion. Many of these folks were software developers and most were in search of a new project that would allow them to work with the latest technology, something none of them were doing with their day jobs. Among them was Bill Burgess, who was a self-taught iOS developer itching for a project of his own. Bill has several ideas for new products, but none of them had enough traction to get started.

It would be around this time that Brandon would have an epiphany. The answer to the problem was the very smartphones the group spoke about nearly every week. Using Geofences, smartphones could do the work of updating the in out board without any human intervention. This concept eliminated the out-of-date problem and would go on to make in out boards relevant again.

The idea for Simple In/Out was pitched in January, 2011 and a month later the project began. To get started, a group of three locked themselves away for 48 hours over a single weekend. Fueled by coffee, beer and Futurama, Simple In/Out was born. The group formed a company, Simply Made Apps, to expand Simple In/Out and build other products that bring new technology to solve real-world problems.

Today, Simple In/Out has thousands of satisfied organizations around the globe.


About Our Company

We're Simply Made Apps, a couple of guys who spend our free time drinking beer, playing golf and coding awesome projects. We believe in making products that are drop-dead easy to use. Instead of delivering 300 features, we prefer to deliver 10 features that are obvious and useful. Simple is in our DNA.

Simply Made Apps is Bill Burgess and Brandon Medenwald. We mostly still have day jobs that pay the bills, but our little business together is where our passion for making simple products gets to shine. We appreciate every single customer who helps support small, independent businesses like ours.

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About Bill & Brandon

Bill Burgess. Golf fanatic, Apple Fanboy, husband and father of 2. I’m a self taught iOS developer, but I have lots of experience with apps. Having owned every iPhone since the beginning, I have a keen eye for good looking, easy to use apps. I try to model my applications after the great ones that have come before. Stand on the shoulders of giants. I hope you enjoy using our applications as much as we enjoy making them.

Brandon Medenwald. Ruby on Rails guru, backend API designer, graphics ninja and more. When I’m not golfing, I’m dreaming up new features that are powerful yet easy to use. I’m a firm believer in web standards, an unapologetic Safari user and self-proclaimed Apple fanboy. I’m also a disciple of the 37signals approach to product development.


Bill & Brandon at TPC at Sawgrass

Bill startup

Bill Burgess, Co-Founder

Brandon startup

Brandon Medenwald, Co-Founder