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Add Multiple Users At Once

Admins can use one of our apps for iOS or Android to add users right from your phone's contacts. We also allow you to paste in a comma-delimited list of email addresses right on our website. If that doesn't work for you, email us and we'll be happy to work with you to import your users behind the scenes.

Linked Companies

Using Linked Companies, you can have multiple companies underneath the control of a single master company. Admin users within the master company can switch into the companies under their control to manage everything while users in those companies cannot see any users from the other companies. Perfect for franchises or business owners that need many separate Simple In/Out boards that can't see each other.


API for All Your Custom Needs

Use the power of Simple In/Out and the apps we provide as a springboard to any manner of innovative new solutions using our API, which now supports both reading and writing data. We also provide web hooks for quick integration (like Slack). Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Linked Companies billed?

We bill the master company for the subscription plan they have as well as the subscription plans of all the Linked Companies. This way, there is only one bill for all the companies that are linked together. This allows for any/all of the plans we have to be applied to any of the companies, so you can have some companies on the Pro 100 and others on the Basic if they don't have a lot of users.

Can some linked companies have Geofences and some be forced to clock in with TimeClock?

You bet! Every linked company has its own settings, so you can be as strict or as liberal as you wish. You can hide the history and require users to interface with TimeClock in some companies and allow for automatic updates with Geofences in another.

Can I use Linked Companies just to hide some of my users?

You sure can. If you have a select group of users you'd like to keep private from the rest of your users you can place them either in their own Linked Company or in the master company. All admin users in the master company can look in on all the users in the Linked Companies.

Do you allow us to import users via a spreadsheet like Excel or CSV?

While we don't allow for this automatically on the website, we can import your spreadsheet behind the scenes for you with a little bit of notice. Just email us and we'll be happy to help.

How do I gain access to the API? I want to take it for a spin.

Absolutely! Reach out to us via email and we will gather your information and issue you developer API keys.

Do you support any single sign-on methods like SAML, Active Directory, or LDAP?

Not yet, but we have had requests for these in the past. If this is something you'd be interested in, please email us and let us know. The more users that request this, the higher it will be on our list for new features to add to Simple In/Out.

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