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Improve Simple In/Out Location-Based Status Updates

By purchasing our pre-configured Beacons, you can maximize the accuracy Simple In/Out's location-based status updates. Unlike Geofences, Beacons only rely on whether your phone can see the Bluetooth signal emitted by the Beacon. This takes away the need to rely on Apple/Google's understanding of your geographical area, cell towers, and local WiFi Networks.

All Beacons purchased here come pre-configured, added to your Simple In/Out account with the name you choose. Simply power them up, toggle the switch within the Simple In/Out app to monitor them, and you're status will be updating.

If later you wish to make changes to your Beacon configuration, we can walk you though the process. Or, if you prefer, contact us and we'll do it for you.

Beacon updates are currently supported on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

Our Beacon Products

RadBeacon USB Power Supply™


The official RadBeacon USB Power Supply

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RadBeacon USB™


The smallest, most versatile Beacon anywhere

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